Chinese social network Rise and decline of 9 years who is the master

in the field of social networking, we observed a phenomenon: while trying to thousands, although Comsenz UCenter as the representative of the open source program in a similar manner, Discuz! But why SNS didn’t blossom everywhere like BBS


for the analysis of the reasons, I compared the main domestic SNS project development process and several key competitive landscape.

1, according to information, Facebook was born in February 2004, QQ space was born in April 2005, the predecessor of Renren network was born in the year of December 2005. Therefore, the world SNS ten years old this year, China SNS.

2, recalling the history of SNS in China, the main competitors are: QQ space, Renren, Kaixin, 51, etc..

3, the Internet project is the basic problem of the size of the user and the profit model of the two. Therefore, we can focus on the eyes of these two key points related to the event.

throughout the 9 year history of China’s SNS competition, there are roughly 3 key nodes:

1, user scale regular competition (2005 – 2007):

V Xiaonei ( predecessor), classmates, the number of users reached 2000 – 30 million.

QQ – +QQ promotion activities have space, the number of active users billions of dollars.

51 + – tick working the crowd the Internet channel, the number of users reached 70 million.

2, the marginal demand war – to grab parking spaces, trading friends as the representative of the space game war (2008 – 2010):

have the happy network to steal food, A new force suddenly rises., grab spaces, business friends Xianshengduoren, menacing.

B. quickly follow up, the number of users has reached 100 million.

have 51 Hang Hang and 51 game on the line, causing the dispute.

root QQ space striking, quickly ending, 2010 4 quarter earnings display space of more than 480 million users.

3, the battle for profit model (2011 – 2014)

, happy net tick did not find a way out.

when did 51 transformation of professional gaming community. ,

root QQ space establishment value-added services, open platform, social advertising composite profit model, has become an important part of the family Tencent. By the end of 2013, BusinessInsider compiled by the number of users in the list of global social networking company QQ space as the world’s third, China’s social network of first.

this history tells us the following conclusions:

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