TechWeb fault reconstruction suspected to be included in the rectification blacklist

news January 26th, the domain name user forum posting said, since January 21st, cannot access after this visit page is under maintenance, netizens speculated that TechWeb may be blacklisted because of illegal content.

it is understood that, as early as in January 21st, the original domain was stopped after parsing, users temporarily use to access the network, TechWeb also issued a notice said, because the exact cause is unknown, the company is in the contact address. January 26th, visit the domain name, the page shows that the network is being maintained.


Recently, the Ministry of education to carry out remediation of mobile phone obscene special action program, CNNIC

domain specific governance action, the Internet site will be blacklisted and stop the domain name resolution. Some time ago, a number of large sites have been HOLD, access failure.

users guess, page shows the maintenance of the state, may be due to the comment violations and other issues is stopped, the network is very likely in the January 21st domain name parsing has been included in the blacklist before rectification.

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