Monopoly of the mobile terminal nstagram website gorgeous revision back to the PC side

[Abstract]Instagram removed a large number of decorative elements, such as image border, the interface is more clean.

Tencent Francisco mobile Internet market has a unique phenomenon, "star APP" monopoly intelligent mobile phone terminal, began construction of PC end products, to achieve all the market. Mobile phone photo sharing tool Instagram has become the latest case, the day before the implementation of the gorgeous facelift website.

belongs to Facebook Instagram, has become a mobile phone photo shoot, share market monopoly, more than three hundred million active users, has become one of the three most popular mobile social networking tool for young people.

in the mobile terminal, Instagram not only do the products mature, even mobile providers in the field of mobile advertising have small gains.

now, Instagram decided to fight back to the PC market.

technology news site TheVerge reported, before the Instagram on the computer version and the mobile version of the site carried out a major revision. The web interface is more concise and smooth, and the area of photo display is much larger than before.

in which the user’s personal page, the original line of each show five small pictures, now changed to show the big picture of the three, the picture is better to watch.

Instagram to remove a large number of decorative elements, such as image frames, etc., more clean interface.

TheVerge commented that the style of the site after the revision, and mobile client more consistent. And the strength of the revision is quite large, it is a bright spot.

early Facebook head Zuckerberg led the acquisition of Instagram, only $1 billion. By the end of last year, the U.S. Citibank estimates Instagram current valuation of $35 billion. Zuckerberg Instagram became another acquisition an inspired passage.

analysts estimate that Instagram currently contributes $2 billion a year to Facebook.

in the "star APP" captured the computer terminal, "Instagram gate brothers" – the world’s largest mobile phone chat tool WhatsApp, before facing the computer end users launched a web version of chat tools compatible with Firefox or Opera a browser, greatly expanded the potential user market. (Chen Xi)

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