Bitcoin intraday rose to 970 after narrowing

(original title: bitcoin intraday rose to $970 after narrowing)


China bitcoin trading platform BTCChina a large number of selling, so the impact of $1000 bitcoin blocked. In just a few minutes, bitcoin fell from $950 to $970, down volume.

however, bitcoin still rose throughout the day. Beijing time on Thursday morning around 1:30, bitcoin dollar rose $22.86, or $2.45%, at $954.5950, the highest intraday price of $970.4708.

in the past week, in dollar terms, bitcoin prices soared 18%; if the RMB, bitcoin soared by 22%.


Original: 18% a week soared to $1000 bitcoin

Wednesday, bitcoin continued to rise, bitcoin rose more than 3% against the u.s.. In the past week, in dollar terms, bitcoin prices soared 18%; if the RMB, bitcoin soared by 22%.

today evening, bitcoin prices rose more than 3%, breaking through $960, $1000 forward.


denominated in RMB, according to the BTC China trading platform, as of Beijing time 20:57, bitcoin prices rose more than 2% on Wednesday to $6865. Since December 20th, a few days ago, the RMB denominated bitcoin prices rose nearly 23%.


is similar to bitcoin, the Dow Jones industrial average rose. U.S. financial blog Zerohedge raises an interesting question: in the near future, the Dow rose to 20 thousand points and hitherto unknown bitcoin exceeded $1000, which first come



trading platform eToro senior market analyst Mati Greenspan said in the Wednesday mail, since exceeded $775, bitcoin prices soared incredible, and now can not see signs of slowing down.

, by contrast, the continuation of the decline of rmb. Today (December 28th) offshore RMB against the U.S. dollar fell below 6.97 mark, the lowest to $6.9741, a record low.

bitcoin prices since January 2016 fell below $400, so far the price of bitcoin has doubled. There was a big jump in May and in the year of October, and prices have risen steadily in recent months. Analysts pointed out that the rise in the price of bitcoin is mainly because investors in the world economy experienced drastic changes in political change

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