Micro blog commercialization movement how to make money first step

how to take the first step in making money, which is a process of commercialization of micro-blog suspense. The British youth Alex · drawing experience gives us some inspiration, as early as 2006, 21 year old Alex · map created a milliondollarhome-page.com site, he divided the site into 1 million small squares, each square and sold at a price of $1, this bold idea makes Alex become a millionaire in the enviable a short period of time. The United States Silicon Valley blog pioneer Dave · Weiner; opinion, should be to those who create value in its network users pay, but if will create advertising revenue rather than to meet the needs of users in the first place, then micro-blog will embark on a path of development with the television industry.

praised the business cannot continue for a long time. China’s Internet giant micro-blog operating platform is fully commercialized, in a deeper level, this is actually a social change. Xing Hongyu, general manager of Tencent micro-blog division pointed out that the opening of the micro-blog era of management change, more and more users through social networks, with the help of the chain to obtain information." Yes, it’s like Facebook advocates that people communicate with social continue to lower the threshold, Facebook is the way to make money online advertising, it is pointed out that "social advertising is no longer" advertisement ", but the" story ", and the story has just begun."

from the beginning of the second half of this year, Sina micro-blog began large-scale commercialization. According to Liu Qi, deputy general manager of sina marketing center, said, at present, Sina’s main source of income from micro-blog advertising micro-blog. Game platform fees and sales of digital products into, membership fees also contributed some of the revenue but the proportion of smaller." The day before, Sina announced second quarter earnings this year, for the first time disclosed Sina social advertising revenue. Reported that sina micro-blog advertising revenue of more than $10 million, accounting for about 10% of the proportion of sina advertising revenue. Different from the strategic focus of sina, micro-blog micro-blog through micro stores, micro space to get through the barriers between micro-blog and electronic business platform, the establishment of the model of the electricity supplier + +. This is as Facebook founder Zuckerberg said: in the future, the Internet is the tipping point of social networking platform, more stores will only become the exhibition hall.

micro-blog + electricity supplier community

in early April 2011, the newly formed Tencent micro-blog division first strategy routine monthly meeting, general manager Xing Hongyu confirmed the substantial start Tencent micro-blog commercial. At that time, the main path of development is to rely on social advertising, e-commerce and the game, realized". 7 months later, the company micro-blog electricity supplier version of micro shop officially launched. It is reported that micro space micro stores and an earlier launch is to let the enterprise based on the establishment of official website by micro-blog to sell their products, and ultimately the formation of an e-commerce community, the future can be equipped with the profit model including the promotion expenses, divided into mode, data >

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