Qihoo 360 accused due to the net loan eye trademark disputes

December 9th morning news, Beijing court official website today released the case express, optiviva Mammon Inc to tort liability disputes will be taken to court because of dissatisfaction with the Qihoo, Qihoo company many times to the major software application store "net loan eye" infringement complaint.


with Qihoo company many times to each big software application store "net loan eye" complaints of infringement, tort liability disputes with optiviva Mammon Inc Qihoo company to court. Currently, the Haidian court accepted the case.

optiviva Mammon Inc claimed Qihoo since January 14, 2015 and December 14, 2015 made the "eye" registered trademark, taken by major software applications (Baidu, HUAWEI, Tencent mall, Meizu etc.) on complaints optiviva Mammon Inc, said optiviva Mammon Inc "net loan eye" application software name trademark infringement of Qihoo the company, which optiviva Mammon Inc "net loan eye" application software in the major application store shelves in succession, provide the right certificates to the major software application store in optiviva Mammon Inc resumed on the shelves. We also Qihoo to the Apple Corp software application store complaints to the Apple Corp Mammon Inc silver news feedback and provide vouchers, but the Apple Corp received notice of revocation of Qihoo requirements of the complaint, on software application before resuming optiviva Mammon Inc.

optiviva Mammon Inc believes that the company enjoys "net loan eye" registered trademark and copyright of computer software in accordance with the law, is the "net loan eye" trademark and computer software legal rights, have the right to use the legal range, there is no infringement of trademark right said Qihoo. And the silver news Mammon Inc as early as 2012 began to use the net loan eye "this brand, and from 2012 onwards in the industry with the brand. In October 18, 2016, the Mammon Inc to the Qihoo optiviva company requirements to immediately stop the infringement, the withdrawal or cancellation of various complaints optiviva Mammon Inc, but the Qihoo companies are ignored. In summary, the Qihoo’s behavior has seriously infringed the legitimate rights and interests of Mammon Inc optiviva, application software optiviva Mammon Inc to Apple Corp on the shelves in the application store, directly affect the user to download and use, causing serious impact to the silver news Mammon Inc goodwill and brand promotion, and caused serious economic losses. Therefore, any Qihoo sued the company to stop infringement, eliminating the effects of apology and compensation for economic loss of ten thousand yuan.

at present, the case is under further investigation.

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