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ongoing 3Q 360 v. Tencent monopoly case, is the Supreme People’s court for trial, the results are not yet known. But during the proceedings, 360 showed consistent " tough fight ", published an open letter; "don’t let monopolies stifle young entrepreneurs Chinese entrepreneurial dream!" such as the high cost phenomenon caused by the monopoly in Chinese Tongsu, also referred to by several giants to join the competition without falling start-ups, IMO Lianzhong, and happy to steal food.

in fact, the 360 in the open letter to cite a few examples, and can not fully explain the situation, because these have their own status quo. The letter mentioned OurGame, founded in 1998, the domestic old chess game platform, due to the impact of the Tencent greatly involved in this field, the highest number of online fell from 75 in case of road, and then suffer the attack many online companies, the loss of a large number of users. The OurGame follow the pace of the market relatively slow, in addition to continue to adhere to the dismal chess game client, can only adapt to the web and social games passively, until now there’s just no dead state, basically all the old users in support of it. It can be said, to restore the glory of Lianzhong has been difficult, but can live for some time.

happy to steal food has now been closed, but happy to steal food and the decline of Tencent has nothing to do, but by the impact of the rise of sina micro-blog and friends circle. This is the last three years due to the environment, and even happy network has been greatly affected, not to mention a game in the happy online operation. Moreover, there are one hundred million dollars in the happy network investment Tencent, sina is also in the B round with the cast, the giants can not be cast money, while making their own investment enterprises. Happy to steal the reasons for the decline of food, or with their own can not catch the trend of change. Originally a very popular product, did not seize the opportunity to continue to grow, not in the mobile terminal and its difference from, this is not a monopoly on die enterprise story, "survival of the fittest, but market competition, a vivid illustration of the fittest".

As for

IMO, a threat Tencent did on IMO market, but IMO is not the same as Lianzhong passire. This company is doing cloud office enterprise instant messaging system, to provide office for the enterprise, established in 2007, and not just because of start-up companies, the main business of 2B, so well-known in the mass users degree is not high, but in the enterprise users, the company is known. The performance of IMO and Tencent almost QQ, the two companies in the market once short soldiers intersect each other. In March last year, IMO has also protested Tencent plagiarism and malicious competition of its products, then the two sides conducted a variety of offensive and defensive, and even threatened to prosecute, the storm will soon calm down.

in recent years, China’s Internet resources and power is gradually gathered to BAT three giants, entrepreneurial environment is getting worse, small companies face competition and pressure >

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