Micro blog Sina test M features next week officially launched to compete with Tencent

webmaster network March 2nd news: this morning, micro-blog USMBA users broke the news Sina launched IM features, in addition to the right side of the Sina users on the home page of the show online and video chat and other IM features. According to friends, has been confirmed by Sina staff, sina IM features are in the testing phase, only the internal network can see that most ordinary users have been unable to see this feature interface.

micro-blog home page to increase instant messaging function  

micro-blog chat feature screenshot

USMBA released a number of screenshots in the micro-blog, micro-blog said Sina micro-blog has just found in many online display and video chat, click at the right position, they can easily chat dialog box will appear. This should be a blow to Tencent. Before a private letter dialogue is not convenient too often to QQ or MSN to say, I don’t have to. And a lot of friends in the function also said that in the future more of a real-time chat tool, interactive communication can help themselves and micro-blog users better, and that this function once the beta, is bound to make the Tencent "pear" great.

micro-blog to speed up the dissemination of information, a variety of ways of communication, the Internet has become one of the most popular applications. In addition to the mobile client application market, increase micro-blog released share, improve micro-blog instant sharing, Sina micro-blog had once in the third party application also recommended a number of similar to IM even if micro-blog client communication software. One of the most famous micro-blog Wing 2010, the current number of micro-blog client applications for the third party has been close to one million. Its fresh interface style and perfect function, and QQ is very similar to the widely praised by Sina micro-blog users. But the PC client is often limited to desktop applications, need to install and use, Internet trends tend to be more and more convenient for the application of web, and the third party application user trust degree is low, the integration of micro-blog web instant messaging application is represent the general trend.

Tencent micro-blog through the integration of QQ client applications, not only to increase the sharing and communication of the way, but also on the basis of QQ billion users, the rapid occupation of the market, the rapid growth of micro-blog users. In order to maintain the competitiveness of sina and micro-blog in the competition with micro-blog QQ, and shake the status of the client on the instant messaging on the Internet, you must open the situation on the immediacy of communication. Mobile client sharing instant high, but the user is not as good communication between web and PC client convenience. The Sina launched IM features, providing web online chat and video services, can effectively improve the frequency of communication between micro-blog users, rich communication, user stickiness will greatly increase. On the basis of the diversity of the sharing mode, it makes the communication to be more realistic. Fans of friends, and is more convenient and better management than ever because of exchange. Allegedly, will be officially launched next week.