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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network May 13th news recently, Jingdong and tuniu jointly announced that the Jingdong and other investors signed an agreement with the way cattle, cattle will receive a total of $500 million investment. Before adding the Jingdong to tuniu investment Jingdong, accounting for 27.5% of the shares of the largest shareholder have become the way cattle (previously $50 million investment Jingdong tuniu shares accounted for 6.8%).

according to the terms of the agreement, the Jingdong will conduct in-depth strategic cooperation with the way cattle. Jingdong will invest a total of $350 million to subscribe for shares tuniu, including $250 million in cash and $100 million to provide resources and operational support to the way cattle. Tuniu Jingdong – Holiday Travel Channel website and mobile terminal 5 commission free exclusive rights in the exclusive sales channel package tourism products, tourist attractions, cruise, visa, train tickets and car rental and other products and services.

Jingdong has a large number of users, but for online travel, Jingdong is still just new recruits". Jingdong in the field of OTA layout began in 2012, in January last year, the completion of the hotel reservation APP "today" of hotel special offer acquisition, the amount of about ten million U.S. dollars, tonight hotel special offer CEO Deng Tianzhuo will serve as vice president of Jingdong. At that time, some analysts believe that, for the Jingdong, the acquisition of tonight’s Hotel Specials more intention is to close the team to help Jingdong to supplement its online travel business. In June of the same year, Jingdong officially announced to enter the online travel market.

an industry source said, the global market value of Internet Co, which is search, electricity providers, social networking and online travel. In China want to find the next market value of billions of dollars, one is online travel, one is to buy. Do travel for Jingdong, to pull up the market value. And China’s online travel penetration of the Internet is only   8%  a little more, is now a considerable incremental market."


is the most abundant industry products. After years of development, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou Road, Shenzhen 73 City, set up 75 regional service center. At the end of 2014, the way cattle can provide 120 of the domestic city tourism product reservation, including travel with the group, tours, attractions tickets, car travel, hotel, domestic air tickets etc.. At present, a total of more than 550 thousand kinds of cattle products available to consumers.

for the way cattle, in addition to the $250 million cash support, the Jingdong’s mass flow and the user will take great traffic into tuniu, can alleviate the tuniu force in the mobile terminal late, make up the short board in the mobile terminal. Analysis of the industry, the competition of online travel market may be in 2015 to 2016 this year, if not grasp the opportunity, the way cattle could be dangerous.

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