Subsidies reduce accidents Where is the way where the drops excellent step

April 15, 2016, Beijing drops, yuho drivers launched a so-called million people participated in the strike action, the cause of the incident because the platform is constantly reducing subsidies, causing the driver to sharply reduce income.

the "million strike" is jointly organized by Beijing large leasing companies and large WeChat driver exchange group of host, the appeal is "reject cheap labor, against high commission pumped into."

drops and yuho appear this kind of circumstance, in fact, is the name of user training habits of reason, problems through the burn high subsidies way to grab market share in the left, and now the reduction of subsidies, previously hidden problems have come. An industry analysis.

high subsidies fell

According to

reports, and step CEO Karan Nick said publicly that last year in Chinese market losses of more than $1 billion, and is prepared to put in other global markets are profitable subsidies to Chinese market.

drops CEO Cheng Weiceng said, drops a year to spend $4 billion for market development".

and easy-to-use vehicles CEO Zhou hang said ammunition for future burn wars "in preparation for the 3 billion -50 billion".

four months, drops and excellent step drivers will end subsidies cut by more than half. In January this year, drops of the driver’s single prize for the 12 single price of 100 yuan, single and above 200 yuan. And in April 15th, into a single prize is only 12 single $40, 22 single and above $90.


platform also less subsidies, pumping into 20%, oil is not enough money, who are willing to do." A driver friend said.

, according to incomplete statistics, in Chengdu there are about 4000 taxi drivers out, many of which is to choose the loan to buy a new car or used car, car to join the ranks of full-time driver. And greatly reduce subsidies, apparently let the hard earned "reward" to the driver downhearted, even choose to make angry protests.

drops partner entrepreneurial program

drops partner business plan will be launched in five cities in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and. Participate in business partners only need to pay the highest pay 20 thousand yuan deposit, can be through cooperation with drops of automobile manufacturers receive a new car, sign labor contract and labor service company officially became a partner on the road drops orders.

drops partners need not buy a car, no loans, as long as the maximum deposit of twenty thousand yuan (only a low of 15 thousand) to get the car on the road for free. Three years after the contract expires, the vehicle can be the owner of the personal income of all, enjoy the residual value of the vehicle, while the owner can also choose to refund the deposit will be returned to the car.

if the partner business plan is expected to last operation, is now the most car drivers were eliminated, their operations.