Jinhua is now the rebate type MLM website this gimmick is speculation



"the rebate network" screenshot, because it is pure English, looks pretty.

just provide a mailbox, you can register an electronic account on the site. $200, can get the rebate every day". However, this comes out of the money, but the performance of the account number. For investors, the money is like the moon in water, finally can only be proved.

yesterday, the Wu City Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade police "identification", the "fried dollars" website is the typical network marketing, is a scam.

investment more than and 40 days, the money in the account more than doubled

in late October, Ms. Zhang in a friend’s introduction, the beginning of the u.s.". My friend, this "investment" approach is simple, and very reliable: only need to provide a mailbox, you can register an account on the site, and then to invest some money in the account, each working day, you can get a $8 rebate.

investment amount is not large, as long as $200 per share.

Ms. Zhang is doing business, extra money more, and because of a friend’s face, she decided to invest in a chance.

account website is a English website, Ms. Zhang called the rebate network". Help her registration is a man surnamed Li.

"there are a lot of people come to the lee of the registered accounts, because he knows English. In the end registered what, we also do not understand." Ms. Zhang said.

in accordance with the exchange rate, Ms. Zhang after the registration of the account, will be more than 1300 yuan to pay lee.

after a few days, Ms. Zhang login their accounts and found that indeed more than a few dollars. Until yesterday, the amount of Ms. Zhang account has reached $550. In other words, in more than and 40 days time, she received a $more than and 300 investment income".

take no visible, this money was a boondoggle

actually, in early November, Ms. Zhang became suspicious of his investment. At that time, she had more than and 300 dollars in her account.

had "investment", Lee told her that the principal is not taken, so Ms. Zhang wanted to take out the money that the rebate.

when she contacted Li, but the defendant, must account for increased $200 to take the money.

and a few days later, Ms. Zhang went to ask the money, Lee said: the electronic account of the money to the electronic purse, and can not get out."

ask for "electronic wallet" is what other evasive, reluctant to explain.