Ali mother began to limit the promotion of Taobao customers channel

Lou loose blog message: a message received a few days ago, there is Ali mother to limit Taobao off promotion channels, the actual promotion channels and filing system inconsistent "will be penalized.

if the record is filled in the A channel, the actual promotion in the B channels, such as the promotion of the level is QQ, the actual access to the promotion of the code through the QQ channel in micro-blog or website promotion, is an illegal.

in addition, micro-blog / community / blog / space and other media types are not properly fill in the home page address, such as writing ", com", "", is an illegal.

The following figure for



We all know that Taobao

customer promotion link is divided into a variety of QQ mode promotion, website promotion, share promotion, before promotion is can be confused with, that is to say you can put your QQ on a web site promotion link promotion will be the same for settlement, now Ali Mama official to subdivide. This is for the Tao guest promotion way detailed management.