Tanabata Baidu web page automatically jump to Google suspected DNS parsing error



Fujian Fuzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou and other regions of the user in the browser to enter the Baidu domain name "www.baidu.com", it appears that Google’s home page

today (August 23rd) is a traditional festival of the Qixi Festival, reportedly the one day of the year to meet. Today, even the two major search engines Baidu and Google are bustling to Fujian for marriage".

20:30, users in various areas of Fujian Fuzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Baidu entered the domain name "www.baidu.com" in the browser, there is Google’s home page, in addition to the home page have been tampered with, Baidu news, Post Bar and other pages are no exception, in the abnormal one hour after the experience, the Baidu home page in the last 9 about normal.

Chinese Internet search two foe community should also join in the fun, in this China Valentine’s night in Fujian "marriage", to let people feel ridiculous. Some netizens joked that "the Qixi Festival in this special day, Baidu and Google together." There are friends said, suddenly thought of Baidu employees are being recalled to work overtime, and then his girlfriend to collapse, a good room for a person to sleep. Oh yeah! "

according to the relevant parties to explain the Baidu jump Google event is due to the error caused by the error analysis of Fujian Telecom DNS.