Website cancellation 15 websites like climbing to 40% do not protect privacy

Legal Evening News (reporter Li Songping shadow shadow Yi duo) after the online shopping received third party promotional information, hotel open room records are included in the third party platform, e-mail spam…… With the popularity of Internet consumption, personal information leakage. The provisions on consumer privacy protection by the appearance of a new consumer law, which triggered public concern.

yesterday, "Legal Evening News" reporter survey respectively the 15 well-known website life, dating, recruitment, dating and other areas, all the site at the time of registration, users are required to provide at least mobile phone number, e-mail and other information, but there are 40% sites do not promise to protect user privacy. Once the account is registered successfully, no one site can be successfully canceled.

registration in 15 sites are required to provide valid information


yesterday afternoon, law late reporters were on Zhaopin, Jingdong, Lily network,, Ctrip, Home Inns and other 15 sites for registration experience, found that all sites must at least provide email or mobile phone number and other personal information to complete the registration.

reporter read the 15 sites of the service agreement and the personal information protection agreement, there are privacy protection commitment 6 websites to collect, accounted for 40%. However, if the user wants to successfully register in these sites, you must unconditionally agree to the above terms of confidentiality".

In addition to

, Lily network, treasure net and other 4 sites made it clear that the user’s personal data may be provided to the third party.

in the provision of real information and agreed to the terms of service agreements and disclaimers, 15 sites can be completed within 3 minutes of registration. However, if you worry about the privacy of the registry to cancel the account after registration, it is not so easy.

reporter experience account cancellation process found that there is no one of the 15 sites on the web to provide a direct account cancellation service. Of which 2 were able to stop or hidden account operation, 3 more than a certain period of time (6-12 months) no login system will automatically recover the account, 9 need help to the cancellation of customer service through the website, and another 1 do not provide the cancellation of services.

, such as home, for example, the reporter tried to cancel the account, such as home, the customer service said the need to provide the identity of the positive or negative photos or scanned, canceled card number, and send them to the customer service center to coordinate the relevant matters.

addition, Ibis Fasthotel said customer service directly cannot operate account cancellation. While Baidu, Youku and other sites in a period of time does not log in the account, the account will be automatically withdrawn.

15 site privacy protection

website privacy pledge to cancel their own account

is not required by the customer service job,

Zhaopin is not required by the customer service

Sina micro-blog is not, you need to pass the