Baidu architecture adjustment and the future of Baidu mobile nternet

recently, Baidu announced the adjustment of the organizational structure, the formation of the former charging business group, the establishment of search business group, respectively, by Baidu vice president Wang Zhan and vice president of the responsible for the. In this regard, many industry professionals and the media have to make an interpretation, the direction of the general interpretation of Baidu in order to suppress the continued decline in the stock price, to investors that Baidu in addition to the ability to obtain profits outside search.

for this interpretation of the direction, I think there is a bias. Baidu as a technology for the first company, has been very little for the stock price, and this does not meet the work of Baidu founder Robin Li style. The media also will adjust the structure after the possible "charges before the" direction of speculation, but in my opinion the formation of "Baidu group" fee business is not only for the sake of short-term profits, Baidu is more for the future of the mobile internet.

Robin Li three Baidu alliance summit speech release signal

actually, for Robin Li this will not lie CEO, as long as the detailed reading of its public speech or interview can be a general understanding of Baidu’s strategic direction. In the 2011-2013 three Baidu Union summit, Robin Li are talking about their own thinking on the mobile Internet, from which you can observe the Baidu mobile Internet strategy.

2011, Baidu Union summit, Robin Li on the feeling of "mobile Internet mobile Internet is not entrepreneurial opportunities, entrepreneurial opportunities" is the intermediate pages, dutushidai and applications for the king. Among them, in the interpretation of "page", Robin Li referred to "the traditional American business on the Internet is acceptable, but China traditional business on the Internet is still unfamiliar, so to be a bridge between traditional industries and the Internet have a large market opportunity." This is the first time Robin Li talked about the traditional industry and the Internet combined with the topic.

2012, Baidu alliance summit, Robin Li’s feeling on the mobile Internet is drunk driving, very exciting, but very dangerous." He believes that the mobile Internet is still a lack of business models, as 99 years, the Internet bubble in 2000. In fact, his judgment has been verified to be correct, by the end of 2012 began a large number of App developers to escape the market, VC who have also been away from the mobile Internet investment. But Robin Li is still optimistic about the mobile e-commerce, without gaining popularity because merchants do not fully access to the Internet to get the user through the LBS cost is still higher than the offline promotion or advertising, this is Robin Li following the 2011 mentioned traditional industries, referring again to traditional industry and mobile Internet combined.

2013, Baidu alliance summit, Robin Li then Baidu Union summit in 2012 on the topic of their own mobile Internet business model to talk about their new views. After a review of the analysis of Robin Li’s speech that, whether it is a mobile phone game, or wireless advertising, only a small part of the entire industry tide, the larger business model should be the traditional production >