Li two split four case first instance verdict sentenced to 4 years penalty of 150 thousand


technology news November 18th morning news, Internet marketer "made two and four illegal business case sentencing today, the defendant Yang Xiuyu, screen name Li two split four", the first instance jailed for 4 years and fined 150 thousand yuan, the other defendants were also attacked by penalty. Yang Xiuyu said in court not to appeal.

processing Beijing Houhai monk ship shock events, planning Godfather 8 million 880 thousand charter took me to see the London Olympic Games ", and many times through the information network delete paid to provide information services and publishing false information services this morning, Beijing Erma Angel Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Beijing Erma interactive marketing planning Co., Ltd., Yang Xiuyu, lume illegal business today morning sentencing case.

Chaoyang District Beijing City People’s court sentenced the defendant

, unit Erma Angel company, Erma interactive, the defendant Yang Xiu Yu, Lu Mei constituted the crime of illegal business operation.

, Yang Xiuyu first instance jailed for four years, a fine of one hundred and fifty thousand; Lu Mei of first instance jailed for a year and a half, a fine of thirty thousand; Erma Angel company was fined five hundred thousand gold; Erma interactive company was sentenced to a fine of two hundred thousand yuan.

Yang Xiuyu said to accept the court ruling, Lu Mei expressly does not appeal, the two companies were back into court. (Xiao Ran)

information: today at 9:30 in the morning, the Beijing Chaoyang District people’s court pronounced the verdict accused unit Erma angel Beijing Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Beijing Erma interactive marketing planning Co., defendant Yang Xiuyu (screen name Li two split four ", was born in 1973, the University Culture) and Lu Mei (the name" Mei Zi "and" Africa "my white, born in 1983, the University Culture) of illegal business case.