Last year the amount of mergers and acquisitions in China reached nearly 6 years such as the foref

hit group data released yesterday, 2012 China mergers and acquisitions market to disclose the transaction size of $307 billion 790 million, an increase of 37% over 2011, up nearly 6 years the highest value. From the point of view of the completion of the transaction, energy and mining, the Internet, the financial industry and manufacturing.

offshore mergers and acquisitions into a bright spot

investment group analysts said in the foreign economic situation, the overall downturn, as well as the integration of mergers and acquisitions of domestic enterprises will increase in 2012 to reach nearly 6 years Chinese mergers and acquisitions market announced transaction size maximum value. Data show that since 2007 China announced the merger market transaction scale showing a steady upward trend, the 2012 increase obviously, transaction size from $103 billion 470 million in 2007 to $307 billion 790 million last year, the cumulative increase of 197%.

last year, a large number of mergers and acquisitions of Chinese enterprises to become a bright spot, such as CNOOC and Sinopec spate of large-scale transactions. Last year, CNOOC intends to purchase $15 billion 100 million of global energy company Canada Nixon all tradable shares and $4 billion 300 million in debt, and has won the Canadian regulators through the last 12 months; at the same time, petroleum announced a $1 billion 630 million cash acquisition of BHP Australia Browse liquefied natural gas project stake, and has obtained the consent of BHP billiton.

from the point of view of the industry, energy, Internet, finance, manufacturing trade scale. M & a market transactions last year China completed cases, with 450 manufacturing trade topped and energy and mining topped $33 billion 526 million scale mergers and acquisitions.

M & a transaction volume has shrunk by

mergers and acquisitions in 2012 to complete the transaction size and the number of cases of trade slowdown, the completion of the transaction size fell to $127 billion 450 million, compared with a decrease of 17% in 2011. Announced the number of cases 3555 cases, down by more than 2011 by 23%.

he said that this year due to the impact of the international economic situation, the European debt crisis, many overseas asset valuation is low, the domestic and overseas mergers and acquisitions of assets increase. At the same time there is a willingness to sell overseas companies relatively large scale, resulting in a single transaction larger. Despite the case reduction, the overall size is still a record high. Among them, the Alibaba group $7 billion 100 million to repurchase the shares of $17 billion 929 million, as well as the privatization of HK $21% last year, the completion of the transaction to complete a larger scale of two cases.

in September last year to complete the AMC Wanda cinema theater company ranked second in the world of the United States to buy $2 billion 600 million, after the completion of the acquisition of Wanda to become the world’s largest cinema operator, the transaction transaction becomes larger with the case of cultural media industry.

PE M & A case greatly increased

last year, China’s private equity investment institutions (PE) merger exit case >