Join hands with Baidu alliance to create the future of the site

I am glad to hear that

2009 Baidu Union summit held successfully in an exquisite scenery Sanya, worry free test network as Baidu Alliance certified gold member, recalled the history and the alliance, the heart has a lot of emotion.

met Baidu alliance

worry free network registration Baidu alliance is in early 2006, think it should be the first batch of union members. At that time, worry free test network to provide test resources to pay VIP members as the main profit model, we try to join the initial code, the month that gains. Although income is not much, but also let us really excited, after all, for the webmaster, add a new revenue channels, the site will get a new development momentum.

With the gradual development of free

test network, our cooperation and alliance gradually deepened, and are invited to participate in the investigation of the headquarters of Baidu alliance of the user experience, for the development of the alliance as a statistical system planning advice.

join Baidu alliance

with the rapid development of the alliance, Baidu increased the intensity of the alliance’s support, the most exciting is that Robin Li personally led the launch of the Grand Alliance certification, the alliance website brand to a new height. At the same time, to the site to bring huge gains. Worry free test network thus increased the promotion efforts of the alliance, and in accordance with the Federation of the proposal to increase the amount of advertising display, optimize the placement of the site revenue has been a huge leap. Had the honor to participate in the forum several times during the pioneer, Baidu has listened to elaborate ah general manager Li Mingyuan about electronic commerce brilliant, gained valuable suggestions experts for the code optimization, which provides a rare opportunity for us to learn and communicate these webmaster.

With the rapid development of

network, in June 2008, we successfully upgraded to the Baidu Alliance Gold Certified Members, and the alliance to maintain closer communication and cooperation. Here special thanks to the alliance development, a lot of good suggestions for the development of the site, as we always solve problems.

website brand and earnings double harvest, which is the most real feelings of worry free test network to join Baidu alliance. Believe that every webmaster to join the league, will get the same feeling!

to create the future of the site

2009 is the challenges and opportunities the webmaster of the year, experienced the test of the financial crisis, we need to strengthen confidence, continuous learning, continuous innovation, relying on the platform of Baidu alliance own website construction road. According to the information provided by Baidu alliance, the Internet industry in Chinese from 2008 to 2009 on the occasion of the successful implementation of the historical leap from 200 million users to 300 million Internet users; China network overall size reached 80 billion 100 million, compared to last year increased by 38.7%; Chinese Internet advertising is growing rapidly, from 9 billion yuan in 2007 to 13 billion in 2008 is expected to leap. 2009 will continue to grow more than 35%, these data gave us great confidence. >