U S creative trading site nnoCentive was 7 million 300 thousand investment

August 18th news according to foreign media reports, the United States creative trading site InnoCentive days ago won the second round of venture capital of $7 million 300 thousand, the current round of investment from Spencer Trask Ventures lead investor, so far, the company from Spencer Trask, Omidyar Network and Lilly company raised capital amounted to $15 million 500 thousand.

InnoCentive was named Innovation (innovation) and Incentive (incentive), originally is a famous American pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly and company subsidiary, 2001 independent, headquartered in Boston, is committed to providing innovative solutions platform. Technical or creative problem of enterprises through cash incentives will not solve the issue to the website Innocentive, associate research experts unsolved problems and the formation of a global scientific community.

and InnoCentive enterprises in the contract to be "solved", can be in the non public forums posted anonymously needs to solve their own reward amount and Difficult miscellaneous diseases. Any registered in InnoCentive people have the right to "act". It is reported that more than half of Procter & Gamble’s innovative new products and technologies are obtained through this approach, these innovative products for Procter & Gamble has brought more than 50% growth.

2005, InnoCentive has signed a cooperation agreement with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Huazhong Normal University, Xiamen University and Zhejiang University and other 25 universities and research institutions. Currently, the registered users of the site in 125 countries around the world, with more than 120 thousand global technology elite.