China’s Wang Qiang talk about the development trend of China’s integrated portal in 2008

(1) in the existing portal, the fierce competition will continue, will eventually be maintained at around 5. Can not enter the top 5 portals, may turn to focus on a particular area of the portal, such as broadband portals, entertainment portals, etc..

(2) is still the focus of brand competition on the Internet, whether it is between the website or website and customers to the brand as the core to build up credit system will become an important standard to assess the value of the Internet, the Internet will be the competition between enterprises and traditional enterprises like brand become the enterprise competition.

(3) as the network advertising revenue become strong website revenue model, and a high-speed and stable growth, increase investment in 2007 the portal website content construction, highlight the comprehensive characteristics of network media, in exchange for better advertising share.

(4) with the development of video website, a number of video content and hobby group of Internet users gradually mature, the portal has begun to enter the network video content, the main competition in 2007 portal launched in the network video.

(5) on the aspect of technology, 3G, IPTV, VOIP and other technologies have been mature, for the national policy and the licence to start the market. The application of these new technologies will bring new vitality to the Internet market, the portal will have a new round of competition.

(6) integrated portal content production to have the user to participate in the selection of information should be aimed at new values, discourse power to be widely shared, the spread of monopoly to break, the platform to receive seamless.

(7) after the network news text, audio, video news network news network became popular after the Internet media were digging in the value to the radio and television stations such media development. This round of competition is more intense, because radio and television stations are also using the Internet technology to expand their own market share. A variety of network news will also enter the family through IPTV.

(8) WEB2.0 in the direction of the development of the blog and the video is optimistic about the portal, and accelerate the integration, digestion, absorption process. The issuance of 3G licenses, making the portal need to re deploy mobile value-added services, increasing competition for 3G users.