Chinese Mobil oil has been registered Mobil Corp rights success

    global well-known trademark "Mobil Mobil" by unscrupulous businesses registered general. Recently, Exxon Mobil (Chinese) company based in Shanghai, a hospital in Shanghai, the United States Mobil International Petroleum Group Co. Ltd. for trademark infringement and unfair competition, was sentenced to stop infringement, compensation for the loss of 500 thousand yuan.

the case of the plaintiff for the Exxon Mobil Corp, Mobil Petroleum Company, Exxon Mobil (China) Investment Company Limited, are members of Mobil Exxon group, but also the "Mobil Mobil", "Mobil" and "Mobil MEIFO" trademark registration. In 2005, the company found that the Shanghai market is with the "Boil American gold Fu lubricants" product packaging, and said "the United States Mobil international oil group limited company authorized manufacturing", "Yan Qing Xi’an science and technology development limited company, which produced 2 companies with Exxon Mobil has nothing to do with. According to the survey, the United States Mobil is a Hongkong registered company, the production and distribution of oil products to highlight the use of "Mobil" logo, and registered the "America Mobil oil" to the web site, another Xi’an Yan Qing company registered the "America Mobil oil.Cn and American Petroleum China Fu." domain name. Exxon Mobil believes that the behavior of the U.S. Mobil and Xi’an Yan Qing constitute trademark infringement and unfair competition, to court.

the court held that the defendant will be "Mobil oil" and other words registered as a web site, easy to make the public think the plaintiff registered trademark goods and general website indicated the existence of a specific association or mistake, and deal with the defendant and, the company violated the trademark rights.

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