ncrease the chain should pay attention to

more than a month ago, the main station was pulled out of the hair after Baidu, began to study why, then slowly in this aspect of the content to touch more, there is a little experience, here a small sum.

first, the site of concern and anti chain related

reverse link, I think the word we are not unfamiliar, this is what we often say that the external link.

is now the major search engines have begun slowly to "artificial intelligence", one of which determine the site degree of concern (here refers to the degree of concern is that all people of this website website effort) method is through the chain. When you reach a certain degree of the chain, the search engine will slowly improve your site weight (this promotion for the comprehensive promotion, in doing the chain and other aspects of you will do).

two, anti chain does not necessarily increase the search engine friendly

we may see the title will feel, with the above I have written a lot of contradictions, then.

first analysis, for example, take an old station (below A) and a new station (below B) said, according to what I said above, A for a long time, so his chain will be a lot of very rich, so, for B, is unable to reach the A program. That is to say that B will never catch up with the A, and not even the light of day, it is a good site, is the same.

this is just a example, along with the growth of technology constantly, constantly change rules now, the search engine or continue to use this standard, but to raise the height of the height, is the quality of reverse link.

now comes the question, the quality of reverse link now everything (that is a bit big), some of the major forums and QQ group, found that many people do Links, and requirements are very low, as long as it is known as the normal included site to do. In fact, this often will be pushed to the pit. Why, because the link quality.

is a high quality reverse link is not long, need to spend time and patience to find, so you put much energy will be, here, look at what I said above, the search engine to determine the site degree of concern over the.

I personally feel that do links, we have to do the same type of site, do not have anything on, if a chain to do a good job, to the top of the 10 ordinary chain. Moreover, do not go to the site where the free web site, the use is not large, it may not harm themselves, after all, a good web site on a few, in the use of that is a few.

HOHO.. Costs a lot, we do not know what the feeling after reading, write anyway when dizzy to shout, thinking disorder and dry dry, rarely write, look at the time to understand.

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