nternet era of industry website resources integration brings those

economists predict that in today’s world economic integration, the importance of the core competitiveness of the business model has become increasingly prominent. In a sense, today’s business competition is not the competition between products, but the competition between business models.

Internet economy is the trend of the application of the new business model of the Internet economy. For example, the author understands the Development Zone online network this model is located in the Development Zone, serving the needs of all levels of the Development Zone users. This kind of website through the vertical industry information resources integration and exploration for the enterprise to provide accurate business opportunities and service oriented.

as everyone knows, the Internet model will play an important role in the future competition, especially in the Internet economy has become increasingly prominent in the China, Internet content service platform to do is to restructure the analysis of resources, to meet the public demand characteristics of customers of different flavors. For example, the construction of a service development platform for users of the development zone integration will bring those changes?

development zone from the point of view of information can be identified as a point of information, from the classification of the Development Zone, the development zone is composed of the same category of information points of the matrix. The integration of information resources on the Internet vertical portal is a process of recycling resources from the point of view of the users and realizing the value increment of the information.

experts pointed out that the B2B electronic commerce website will integrate the advantages and strengths of the Internet platform and traditional business model development zone, directly by the user to choose the industry website (such as development zone online) a full range of information publicity opportunities provided by information and security, reduce intermediate links in traditional access, allowing users to enjoy a station type of service.

B2B electronic commerce website of industry resource integration can achieve complementary resources, to play the heat island effect, change the user’s habits of thinking and working methods; can provide users with information communication inside and outside the poor caused by the isolated information, can provide users with a one-stop window service, user information value-added service.

is the Internet economy so rapid development, especially the business model of the Internet era why much industry attention, Alibaba, industry development zone comprehensive online sites like and vertical industry websites is what attracted industry attention, the author from the Internet economic experts get four levels for answers readers learning:

industry website data more concentrated

data is the basic elements of information, all the original data accumulation and concentration is the underlying basis of customer service business, only when the data accumulated value analysis will produce to a certain amount of time, in order to provide supporting services for enterprises.

Internet with diverse

document integrationOne of the main characteristics of the Internet era is the diversification of

information carrier. Enterprise investment model is often too old and model, when combined with the use of industry portal online platform, can

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