Talk about the site to promote a little personal views

a lot of webmaster are thinking about how to improve your website traffic? How can your website is perfect, how to make more money? I said I know, say the wrong place please forgive me

first, your site content is the key to improve traffic

has a good article and others will often see, such as a person to buy a laptop, Lenovo, your website officially introduced Lenovo notebook, introduces the characteristics of rough, so he did not read for sure to go, if the thought of introduction, there are people to help you answer your question. Then the future will definitely come, friend bought a notebook can also help you to promote the site to see the site, the Lenovo notebook, particularly fine, there is someone to answer the question. You see this sentence you must be particularly comfortable in the heart, so the content of your site to be rich, easy to understand, others look for a long time pondering over what you wrote this paragraph, etc..

second, to choose their own domain name

this is very crucial, such as Lenovo, you still apply for a WWW Lenovo com that if you let the others to look after the first impression is Lenovo, www Lianxiang com this also, Lenovo in pinyin, if you apply for a WWW abc123 com that is not good, also has a relationship with the content of the website domain name the best, is a domain name.

third, a profound research site statistics

look at your web page that others see the most, others stay the longest. For example, Lenovo’s sales, quality, price and so on, others are afraid to buy with the use of bad, or expensive, he must look at the quality of the problem, the price. If he bought certainly not how to look at the price, because you do not have to buy expensive, look at the quality of the. Or buy before see * * the price and quality problems, he looked at this model is always CD-ROM playing it out or expensive, he would not buy it, buy more, bought think your website is very good, so he would recommend to a friend. At the beginning of the time I do not know Baidu, Google and so on the search engine site, or a friend told me Baidu, I later on, ha ha, these are the word of mouth.

fourth, the original content of the article (this is very important)

The original content of the

site is very important for a website, the equivalent of a person’s heart. If you want to make your own website operation is very good, do not copy someone else’s article, you can write, write well never mind, a search engine to see your content with other web content, it will be very angry, the spider is a very smart guy, it ate you back eat it, so he is very angry, your website in it is not a good website. So to the original, for example, this article, it is reproduced by other sites, it is equal to me to promote, and others see this article from how to make money,

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