How to do a better job of tracking the network rankings

most recently a lot of people are in the small series of consulting and tracking network income rankings how to do this problem. Although the small series do this line has been a period of time, but I really do not know what really good way to track the extrapolated rankings. However, in order to understand the sorrow of small partners, Xiao Bian recently is a good look at it, ask a lot of peers, but also by the way a lot of knowledge.

to say how to track the network included in the rankings of how to do it in fact there is a simple way, is to use some promotional software. But the promotion of various colors on the Internet software, it is not easy to pick a really easy to use. For example, a friend of Zhang Xiao Bian is junk software also miserable, spend money not to say, the data is not timely, therefore, friends do not know how much gas hit the keyboard again. But with this lesson, friends will not dare to act rashly.

but in fact good software or some, for example, my friend recently in the cloud network marketing with claw analysis management system is very good, not only timely and accurate data results, keywords occupation and income, website ranking and other information at a glance, the most key cost is particularly high, than he was before the cheating system is cheap to do not know how many times


these are small series specially for everyone to listen to, in order to help you fundamentally solve the problem of how to track the network included in the rankings, the content is absolutely true and reliable. If you do not feel at ease can also ensure that Baidu and small said is like a cloud of claw drops, analysis of network marketing management system, we are not wasting time on the track extrapolation ranking.

it is understood that the Shanghai Qibo Technology Co. Ltd. is a leading domestic high-end software product development business, its products have cloud computing platform and network marketing management system analysis of claw Bo Yang, cloud software.

1, Bo Yang software is the realization of the promotion of social public praise, including word of mouth, micro-blog promotion, micro-blog precision marketing, micro-blog popular interaction, quiz interactive, interactive forums, public opinion monitoring.

2, cloud computing platform aggregation massive computer, complete the Internet public opinion monitoring, distributed compilation, distributed 3D rendering, large-scale scientific computing, securities analysis and other computing tasks.

3, word of mouth marketing services combined with the news media, micro-blog marketing, Forum blog and other resource advantages, coupled with the advantages of independent software research and development, to provide customers with the overall solution of social word-of-mouth marketing.

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