Players entrepreneurship or professionalism in order to win in China

in April this year, once again choose the workplace the biggest news Chinese network game the biggest game player base Shanda before President Tang Jun’s xinhuadu occupation managers, even to himself that this is the last time to quit.

– in the same period, CCTV economic channel gold program "win in Chinese" is carried out like a raging fire, a well-known hardcore game player Shi Yuzhu comment on the scene and cheer.

and the vice president of Shanda couplet century Williams first by the resignation of the founder of Chinese game player network composed of game production studio, and developed the first network game that OL the cause of this outbreak, a number of network game executives collective resignation, the industry that is the lack of executive incentive.

80 millions of entrepreneurs Peng Haitao decided to accept the game player Chen Zhaoan, his entrepreneurial Chengdu Jin day science and technology to obtain in the grand and grand, occupation managers? It is all contemporary China game player and the myth of the idol, why is he so choose


China’s online games, in the end is the lack of entrepreneurial players, or the lack of real professional managers, or the lack of professional managers of the mechanism?

this year with a series of well-known game player to resign before President Sun Zhenyao as chairman of HP Chinese MediaTek, talked about the occupation manager said, "I have seen near 40 foreign managers have been mostly in the new job, most of the final jump to private enterprises, for example Tang Jun".

, vice president of Peking University Guanghua School of Management economist Professor Zhang Weiying believes that the current lack of Chinese game player when the boss does not want to, but the lack of sincerity for the game player, boss service, moral

game player?

"win in Chinese" to encourage and inspire many entrepreneurs, it is likely that because of poor management, good ideas and not perfect execution, finally give up halfway. So, how to think about this phenomenon now?

what is the future of the players is a business or suitable for professional managers, the pros and cons? How to choose?

for the development of China’s online games, is to train more entrepreneurs, create new opportunities, or to train more professional managers, the existing game do better?

for online games, in the end, the importance of talent or talent mechanism is more important is to encourage entrepreneurship, or to encourage professional loyalty?

this series of problems, close ties, but also complex, but the relationship between the development of enterprises, personnel career planning,


game player 98 will carry out a classic PK by occupation managers, entrepreneurs, China win in game player business administration experts and entrepreneurs to discuss the development of online games and training will have more far-reaching significance.

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