5 tips for promoting product creativity in visual merchandising


[editor’s note] the author Iris Shoor, Takipi co-founder and vice president of product marketing. Prior to this, he was the co-founder of VisualTao, VisualTao developed a cloud based collaborative editing of the CAD allows designers to create software, after the acquisition of Autodesk, a mobile terminal AutoCAD – AutoCAD WS. Based on the personal experience of the past, Iris Shoor wrote about how to promote the creative vision of the 5 marketing methods.

for a long time, I always think that marketing is to be good at writing the text above the abstract concept into the sentence, and then choose the appropriate words to show it. But now things slowly began to change, the visual content began to mainstream, users began to favor less text description, more image elements". Photo sharing community Pinterest’s success is a good example, according to the feedback of many users, Pinterest website visual expression is the main reason they love Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter, you will see many words, see all kinds of information, and state, is to remind and pictures, very chaos, will make people feel tired, but look at the picture when the state is very relaxed.

I began to use visual marketing is not because I see this trend, but because, as a designer, I think more of the way I think the problem will be more visual. I set up two companies (interested readers can read another article I wrote: ten million application downloads of marketing skills), the main marketing strategy is visual marketing. Visual marketing is based on pictures, photos to accurately express the meaning and meaning of the product, it can not only give users a better experience, but also conducive to product sales. Based on my past experience, the following is my personal opinion that can increase the flow of the site, to attract more attention and win more customers for the product of the five visual marketing skills:

1 good team family portrait can give a better evaluation of


product every time to do an update, we will update the latest information communicated to the user, highlighting the new features, and require users to give comments and suggestions. There is a product update, to the user to send the latest updates, we get more than 3 times the usual reply comments. The main reason is that in the updated version, we will put up the family portrait team. Startups often do not want their team photo in the "about us" page, and we just act in a diametrically opposite way, finally got an unexpected result, because users see our true appearance will feel warm, and they are willing to participate and interact. Of course, remember the family portrait of superior quality to upload, try to give a natural.

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