How to build a local network Empire

in this competitive society, we have a set of long-term operational programs, do long-term plan… I found that my city is a very old business model in the development, personal feeling is very outdated, only for temporary development, development of 10 years, 8 years in the end it is only a small company, and how to do the website will never make money,? In fact many webmaster said that the network model can be replicated, of course, the network mode of operation of the company can be replicated, for example: why Tencent QQ, Tencent Niu B, some colleagues why Tencent, because the Tencent has a huge user data, Tencent do pat and Ma Yun’s why do the competition, even Ma Yun was scared? Because his QQ users, because of the popularity of QQ is far greater than the Alibaba. Users don’t bother to download Ali Wang Wang asked the product information, the direct use of QQ, the most simple words, have you seen what an Internet bar did not install QQ, a Ali Wangwang? Had a holdfast game platform is fire, since the Tencent QQ gaming platform, not all Tencent holdfast gaming platform of it, but at least go half, also before the BNB, Tencent made a QQ hall, basically the same. Some people will say; Ma Huateng shameless, I said: Ma Huateng is a businessman, business minded. Do not make money, silly..

Of course,

above is an example, one might ask: "why is this relationship and local network operation? In fact, have a great relationship, the above example is not to say that Ma Huateng’s QQ Empire cattle B, but Ma Huateng shows a reasonable use of the.

‘s massive user data

wants to build a local network organization, it must be equal to anything of the network, such as: where I am in Dongyang, I want to do such a woven net, Dongyang’s population of more than 800 thousand, which I even with 80 thousand Internet users, 80 thousand of Internet users how to use the money, the 80 thousand people in the old plate also has the white-collar are there are some staff, students and so on occupation, your customers in these 80 thousand, there are your customers, then we will build their chain station occupation and interests related, what is called the chain station? With the above said Ma Huateng model, a general, as the 80 thousand are going to recruitment, certainly is the 80 thousand people are looking for work, so we will do this in 80 thousand channel talent, some people want to rent, some people want to rent the house, then we would be a real estate channel Here, there are some people want to buy a house, then you have organized activities, convened here all want to buy a house to house members of the group purchase price is certainly cheaper, more people, of course, there are many, such as summer, enrollment season, the 80 thousand people must have a school, and students, only through you the sites can be summoned to the students such as..

for the 80 thousand people who want to demand, your website has, then you start card, as we all know, some stores have a discount card, but the card only in their stores to discount, we have to do is go to our card which can be discounted, the 80 thousand people together use, this card can be discounted, with your card >

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