BBS network administrator heart promotion now reading channel scheme

CNNIC according to the national Internet Information Center statistics report shows that 2010 will be the first year of Internet e-commerce to take off, C2C/B2C and other electronic commerce mode by Taobao, the Alibaba platform has been more and more familiar to the people, while relying on the development of e-commerce, network marketing as a means of promotion of virtual reality, and will play a role more important, so the network marketing will also be the forefront of publishing and marketing, can be the first time the products to the country, and no cost, compared with the previous publications printing, transport, promotion, we not only saves manpower and material resources, more important is the enterprise sales model with society the background of the development of effective combination, can be very good to save costs, increase profits.

from the "Tibet code", "Ming Dynasty those things" to "downs" and other best-selling book, from the "Wolf Totem", "dwelling", "ant" and other popular books became popular, without showing the use of the Internet to do promotion books or publications, not only in a short time, high coverage. Can the network media publicity to facilitate the use of fuel, celebrity plus, this one-stop marketing mode is not only a boycott, but will receive widespread praise, stimulate the readers to understand the desire for book publication, in order to expand our sales, increase our sales profits.

China Institute of Publishing Science fifth national reading survey shows that: the Internet reading rate was 36.5%, the book reading rate of 34.7%, the first time online reading more than reading books. With the Chinese 3G mobile phone communications business expand gradually, and the implementation of IPV6 China research and so on, all these indicate that the number of countries in the world’s largest number of Internet users, the Internet and people’s life more closely, but the network marketing is more and more become the enterprise marketing the most important position.

with the aid of the network platform to promote products businesses and enterprises every year close to beyond count, Shanghai GDP output value of the transactions, the major portals to the electronic commerce and the coveted enter is a signal, the prosperity of e-commerce also represents the era of the new network marketing model of success.

library network promotion is an important means of book marketing, press to change the past, wait for the method in the book marketing strategy, to take the initiative, comprehensive, the book coverage do go up, then put up the visibility of the book, the two foundation, not afraid of no sales, but if we are waiting for home buyers or dealers come, a buyer or dealers know less, two span is not great, either in the local sale, most also in several big city publicity, attract eyeball.

in the book market this big cake, marketing can not only in an area of a city, we should not only hold the big city, but also gradually in the two city sit, to achieve this goal, the Internet is the best tool, no regional and manpower constraints, can quickly in a short time >

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