From the perspective of network marketing talent data industry development

today by chance in a friend to get a well-known recruitment website enterprise user username and password, login look into the network marketing and local practitioners based on is still relatively small, relatively junior, have 4 years of experience, less than 20 of personal website operating experience, is still part of software enterprises the majority of these people in partial technology type, partial market less search; network marketing was only less than two digits of the personnel resume, search "website promotion" and "network promotion" and "network marketing" and "marketing" the number is quite small, compared to Beijing and Shanghai, the number of personnel in Beijing most of Shanghai is only two times that of Nanjing a little more, Beijing basically is 6 times that of Nanjing.

I think there are several reasons: one is the recruitment website business line on the regional coverage are second network segments in this industry online business development is uneven, third because of the development of the industry, the fourth will be due to general practitioners.

the points I analyze based on the Beijing Shanghai Internet development is relatively mature, because many international companies are headquartered in Beijing, Sohu and other NetEase like Sina, of course, there are other places such as Shenzhen, Shanghai and thunder, 51 happy net, Hangzhou Taobao and Alibaba, Nanjing local can barely call to it, house365 and Jinling hotline, the area with a large website whether there is some relationship, but not absolute, like Hangzhou, I found a bit result is not Nanjing.

but I think this number is very small, like Beijing such a big city search "network marketing network operators over two years of experience actually is 89, which makes me very strange, is the domestic talent also so what, or have other reasons, because people only network is free for personal. I want to use this as a network of practitioners should free resources, at least from the above proportion will be more sensitive than traditional industry talent, I feel very strange, but it is the search results in Shanghai and Beijing, 4-8 years working experience in accounting for more than 70%, these should be regarded as a veteran, a long time is a hardcore character, is the first batch of Internet contact, so I think people should not open in the network above his own work experience, most have a very good Treatment or very stable direction, or have their own career.


found these things, because I want to know about the current industry is not like the media or reported, the development of fast, so that all tomorrow network is 80 after 90, all enterprises in the network marketing need tomorrow, can make money, it really made me depressed for a while, there are many aspects as expected in the first half of the year, especially in the case of customer network marketing and network advertising are not ideal. There are a number of components that feel good about myself, and I have a lot of faith in the development of the industry

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