Network marketing how to shoot off thousand method

is a big problem that how to make money off shoot off, is mostly love shooting income video enthusiasts, making no income cannot be reserved down, is very uncomfortable for not doing this for love making friends, so how can we make our occupation can be as a good income, keeping us safe happy to take the best quality video service to the audience. Now making a lot of people, very few people who make money, most people do not know how to make money, now why Zong to shoot off, or do love how to use their strengths thousand making friends.


making the types of shooting

outside started making is have a lot of choices, such as you do the news making do making videos in the video website, if it is the type of news making needs to have the negative advantage, such as you can as reporters as the first time found that the latest local event? If you shoot the level can reach the requirements of news events shooting. If you can do that to the type of event making news. If you do not meet the requirements do not be discouraged, do not shoot off news events can make money, but more tired only, do not go to the video site making what requirements, the official to pay is very low, for the fastest in the video network can do this in.

Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of


at the moment to shoot off when there are two types of platform, the first is the news website second video website is making, making, such as we in the website of Tencent or Sina comprehensive portal website to see the news video commentary, this type of video is in the news, his advantage is posted up, the official will according to the video shoot off to provide the flow to pay royalties, the lowest is 200 of the highest income is 6000 dollars. The method proceeds to solve making the most basic daily living expenses. The news website making up occupation can be released and other news sites can make fast forwarding, making them better known soon. However, there are a lot of disadvantages, the ads can not be implanted in the opposite side of advertising, advertising can only be published as an event, greatly reducing the income problem. Is far less than the video website advertising can hang off.

video website making said that although the official to the low cost, but it can hang advertising, after doing business alone is easy, the video site to do the shoot off the need to establish their own circle, in the shooting video clock into the QQ group or hungry Post Bar. And the video does not have any copyright issues, a video can be released in a number of video sites. Solve the problem of traffic flow without forwarding the website.

money making methodWe now have

video website making as a case, first of all to establish their own making Post Bar, as well as the QQ group. In the future, according to their visibility to a number of portals to establish a patent. Do this just to better interact with the fans, so that more people know you, and that is to let >

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