Hand travel marketing improve marketing force grid weapon

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service and what would you do? I believe that more and more users have become a loyal member of the head family, choose Mobile Games sent these idle time has become the most important bow family pastime, and, with the continuous development of society, the fragmentation of time more and more become an important way of recreation the enterprise also began to use these events through effective marketing, especially for the implantation of mobile marketing Mobile Games, bring more traffic online at the same time through simple and fun game, carried out publicity and promotion by Mobile Games such "weapon force" is the enterprise marketing the most tall on the way.

implantable forced grid marketing

With the continuous development of

intelligent mobile phone, Mobile Games can replace PSP has become the most important way of entertainment, and according to the 58 media advertising alliance data show that the first half of 2014, China Mobile Games market reached 11 billion 780 million yuan, an increase of 63.4%, has reached 448 million households with mobile phone games, an increase of 16.4%. With the steady expansion of the scale of users, and improve the industry behavior Mobile Games industrial ecology standard, Mobile Games industry will continue to maintain rapid growth, in addition to mobile social networking and search engines, Mobile Games has become a piece of place, so the agglomeration flow into the enterprise development, marketing related information on the Mobile Games planting will become the most Mobile Games marketing important, now is the fire of the game interface will have some Product placement, which will greatly enhance the marketing of the "forced" process to achieve the brand promotion.

development of forced grid marketing

is with the help of some embedded marketing trend of the game platform, not fully realize the autonomy of the master and the flow control, the recent fire "is the" mother "surrounded by nervous cat community" development of a classic game by WeChat marketing, viral transmission, very good for enterprise development, enterprise online diversion flow in addition, in some traditional service industry also began to carry out some simple promotional games, waiting for service for customers in the idle time to provide a way of leisure entertainment also expand their marketing, sea fishing on the first revision of some classic games, to achieve "forced" marketing the game, suddenly let the whole marketing the development of the new situation.

forced grid marketing so opponents and his small partners are shocked

this is a social fashion and creative society, play with the new play is an important trend of the development of marketing, Mobile Games really is an important tool for gathering popularity, whether it is product placement marketing or the development of marketing, are able to achieve diversion effect to a certain extent, especially the latter, the traditional hand play out new ways of marketing, not only enrich the numerous bow for mobile phone leisure desire, can also be an effective promotion in this way, the most important thing for the enterprise marketing great contribution, forced grid everywhere and allows competitors to catch up, stunned, dumbfounded is also expected, reasonable.

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