Brand hot marketing should pay attention to the brand memory point

to form hot marketing of enterprises in the official micro-blog, many people began to understand the focus of marketing, from the beginning of the 2011 micro-blog Durex occasion Beijing heavy rain. From planning to final execution, it took less than a few hours. Can obtain the dissemination effect, but it has become a classic case of marketing to form. Now, hot marketing increasingly get out of hand. But Liu Yu with view, many enterprises can successfully create an occasion, a few products more memory, just follow the trend, and did not form a good marketing effect. So, how to do the hot marketing in the future?.

This wave,

hot marketing rapidly, also want to borrow it.

so-called hot spots, is the focus of public attention, if you can catch this Dongfeng, the spread of the brand will naturally improve, and even overnight fame. But why hot marketing enterprises do now is no effect? The reason is that you have no color. A netizen can lead to shock, insight, wow "any emotion, two can not stimulate the netizen" interactive games, sharing, spoof "any act. Not to mention that it hurts the audience.

some people will say, hot spots come too fast, let us no time to think too much, and in the middle and the design content and design of pictures, but also to avoid the ill, afraid of the time point, finally only just passable. First of all, in the face of this argument, Liu Yu can only say that you are not enough to predict the hot spot. Second, you are not enough to grasp the selling point of the product. Take a look at those companies are hot to borrow bad, many can be pre sentenced. For example, Li Na birth, Zhangjiakou Shen Winter Olympics, Ning Zetao won success, are focus on the position, the contents of the occasion to advance planning. The selling products and brand spirit has deep understanding and control, will also help you to locate hot spots, and enable the audience to copy in pain poke occasion.

communication is to build brand memory, let the audience remember the products and brands, rather than to the number, there’s no point in doing something. The enterprise should use the occasion to spread the ride, find a brand and events can be a perfect fit, you can be the spirit, the functional level, can also be the same audience, the same role, in close contact. How then can let the audience remember you? Because this time, all brands are in the occasion, if you and other brands show the same brand spirit, no feature, will let you be cast into the shade of creativity. So, you have to take into account other brands used ideas, showing a different side.

want to have to get hot, expansion and transmission chain reaction.

if you want an occasion to quickly popular products, only released a micro-blog is of no use. Taking advantage of various communication needs and the formation of chain reaction. That is to say, let the news occasion, with different roles in the formation of more widely spread in various forums, micro-blog, WeChat, led users to interact and share, spoof, even for users to develop a H5 game, to promote the focus of marketing.

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