Local portal owners must pay attention to a few points

has been learning a lot about the local portal site knowledge, on my own some views and understanding and we exchange:

a local portal webmaster, should clearly recognize the following questions:

1: must be practical and local perfect combination. Can not be mere formality.

2: establish a strong sense of brand awareness, from the first day of the station, it is necessary to have their own brand, their own characteristics.

3: for the local name of the net to bring some benefits to other people’s interests at the same time, we are also the local portal website harvest fruit.

4: website decorative style must not be too: esqecially must have a local style. For example, Shaanxi local portal, it can highlight the characteristics of Shanxi, forthright,


5: convenience nature, local portal station launched the service must maximize the convenience of local visitors. For example, the establishment of a local discussion on the issue of a circle.

6: it’s best to get in touch with some of the local authorities, and it’s best to get their support.

7: must have clear and clear profit model. No revenue site is unlikely to provide good service. Because everything needs money.

8: do local station must be pragmatic". Must be combined with the local characteristics of products, services in the local characteristics of products for local products to find a better market.

9: in the local station must not ignore groups, college students. This is a high quality, sharp views of the group, spread among them in the room quite fast. I like the Shanghai talent network is ready to use it.

10: must be thrown away short-sighted profit behavior. Don’t do something destructive to the morals of advertising. Not only is the local portal station, net exchange place, is a local portal, to care for the faces of home.


adhere to the local characteristics of the road, surrounded by rural cities.

adhere to the pragmatic path of development, service local businesses.

adhere to the policy of the gateway brand China, creating its own brand.

adhere to the home information services, so that local users will remember you stand life.

station www.blzpw.com (Shanghai Talent Network) QQ:422842606 I hope and common progress.

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