On the basic work of enterprise website promotion

one, in-depth understanding of enterprise products

to promote their products, we must first understand, only in-depth understanding of the most appropriate design to promote the program, in order to promote the work done the best, the best results.

two, have a certain understanding of competitors

is not only to understand their own, to achieve 100%, to Zhiyizhibi line. The key for us to understand the competition promotion, the good experience of our study, the failure of the place we carefully repeating the most is avoided in the promotion process, conflict with the opponent. With popular words to make an analogy: Jay Chou shot a gold originally planned to make a premiere this month, and the same time in the same section of the Andy Lau to engage in a similar effect will be greatly reduced.

if you want to extend, then, not only competitors, similar sites, industry media should pay attention to.

three, in-depth understanding of user groups

what is the purpose of our marketing work is not to attract the target customers so we want to target users to spend more snacks to study. And we have to understand the target population (age, preferences, often go to the site, etc.); injustice is only for the target population, as well as existing product users to understand. For example, they know what the product is, what they want to get here, what we like to do, what’s left of the user, and so on.

The role of

four and SEO in promotion

some people would say that SEO has been included in the promotion, but personally think that SEO can exist in parallel. Because if SEO did a bit better than the traditional way to promote a thousand times, ten thousand times. So in the case of the conditions permit, we must go to learn SEO, the last two combination. To achieve the perfect effect.

five, planning ability and writing ability

this almost all SEOER must do. In particular, often do planning, writing soft Wen will spend more time and move to think.

six, understand the person, good at communication

marketing work, the basic is to deal with people beating. Including two kinds of internal and external communication. The same understanding of life.

seven, good at learning and summary analysis

Internet update speed is very fast, so be sure to learn new knowledge, new technology. At the same time in the learning process, to sum up the analysis. For other people’s experience, technology can only learn, do not move directly to use, which also go with their own characteristics. In the future work, finish each project will be self summary analysis. Mention practice out of the so-called experience is priceless.

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