Kirin advertising alliance 12 25 the new rules of Thanksgiving activities will be the first four se



after several drafts, Thanksgiving gifts in the fourth quarter of the programme of activities was finally settled


activity time shortened to 38 days;

play to improve – the income is not fixed in accordance with the sort of incentives to change into a fixed reward in accordance with the income range!

prizes upgrade – the 5 previously announced prizes to the level of 7. Added: Apple MacBook Pro worth 10088 yuan,

IPhone upgrade to IPhone 6 Plus, Meizu MX4 upgrade to MX4 PRO 32G, while adding millet purifier, cherry mechanical keyboard, etc….


annual Thanksgiving gift event is coming soon!

this season, we carefully prepared the apple laptop Pro, Iphone6 Plus, Meizu MX4 Pro, Changhong 51 inch smart TV, millet purifier, such as Hao Li!

only at the end of the year, once again for a long time to give us support and love to express our gratitude to the webmaster friends


is fully open, awesome firepower, enough, enough cattle X, "Thanksgiving eight years, kuangsong gift fourth how can you miss



activity time: 2014.12.25–2015.01.31 (38 days)

activity rules: according to the total income of all the owners in the event period reward different prizes. The deadline for activity is


: No. 2015.2.1, payment of prize winning results, we will check the receipt of statistical data, a super prize, announced to express a single number


important tip:

A: in order to confirm the activities of justice, fairness and truth, Kirin decision is as follows:

1, Kirin will be displayed in a dedicated page real-time activities.

2, kylin will release all the prizes paid the express order, and follow up.

* Please winners after receiving pictures (prizes in kind, Kirin site photo) available to us, and welcome to write the experience in third party media release!

two: please register your correspondence address, and check the name, contact the phone is accurate! Avoid the data error caused by delay!

registration process: login Unicorn — personal data – modify personal information – fill in the correspondence address – modify submit

three: prizes issued by Taobao, Jingdong and other mall. Prizes generated by the courier costs borne by Kirin, >

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