Four you do not know QQ marketing methods

Tencent QQ as a huge user group timely communication tools, is a good platform for our marketing, is our inspiration to create marketing methods. Due to the unique characteristics of the human, after the promotion of a number of obvious ways to use will cause people’s resentment, resulting in minimal marketing effect, so we need to constantly improve the QQ marketing methods. Participate in the discovery of someone who has a hidden high, the effect is obvious, and even can help promote the brand QQ marketing methods

In fact, the so-called hidden

can only survive for a period of time, with the number of the use of this new type of marketing method increased, increased promotion times, people not only generate antibodies may have the ability to fight back, which of your marketing is a fatal blow. QQ marketing method today I will some small Qian you don’t know what to share, I hope everyone can use your smart brain more marketing method to create more quick and convenient to think of our marketing work.

a, QQ Avatar

is now the most used QQ client should be qq2012, qq2012 has a function is to use personal photos to do head. (because the author is now using the original qq2012 version, then by default the need to open the QQ member can enjoy the use of personal avatar privilege, I was then opened a month, in February you can get stuck the head, there may be other way. There are many ordinary users) their usual life photos uploaded to QQ as their QQ avatar, a chat with others will see the photos, even if there is no marked note people can see all of a sudden, you will know what is the identity of the. With this in mind, we can come up with a higher marketing method of concealment. We use PS and other image processing tools to their site or enterprise to make a proper resolution photos, can play on the name, address, company and products service photos, some of the information we usually send QQ friends of the product / service price and so on. Here remind everybody, when making the advertisement picture the best selection of a humanized, warm color of the background picture, this picture can increase the affinity, can let your friends be less resistance. Usually after the completion of the picture I will put some of their own propaganda with the number of individual head set as we have just produced pictures. If is the industry website marketing, we can use some software to promote marketing, we add small targeted QQ friends (now the marketing software has done more in place, we can find many targeted friends) and group qq.

QQ QQ extension in the accumulation of friends and group QQ, we can use a small hair thin, hair log, hair talk, try to use as your own size, the purpose of doing so is to let our QQ number increase affinity, more humane.

in your QQ to promote the inside of the friends and QQ group to the ideal number

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