Ali push video electricity supplier marketing mode yet developed a good idea

April 30th, Ali stake to 18.5% stake Youku potatoes, so, the Alibaba around the campaign will be launched in the video site what electricity supplier program, which immediately caused concern in the industry. But today, the electricity supplier and the video fusion marketing model head angle, Ali said, we will launch a "watch and buy mode, provides a video electricity supplier for the general no video advertising budget of small and medium-sized enterprise marketing mode.

Ali, Ali’s mother will also help out through data processing and use of technology, help businesses achieve operational data. And no matter how much of the technical needs of the integration of the user, the concern is: whether you need this shopping model, and this kind of shopping is not easy to use.

The idea of

Ali is given: for example, when users watch video "little apple", do you want to buy apple, you can use the mouse directly to the apple into the shopping cart, which means shopping and video will achieve integration.

is convenient for the purpose of user service, profit is the ultimate goal for business services, however, from the perspective of the user experience, to achieve a unified so easy?

let us look at the first, in the country, when the video and marketing meet, what kind of spark.

first, advertising plot

video advertising price is almost without exception in seconds, so the most cost saving and straight into the heart of the advertising language has almost become the business video marketing rules, suddenly one day, businesses began advertising with the plot, "ad your extra" has started playing with the young girls with uncle the waiter’s love story, and all kinds of tea, elegant wines have paid huge sums to build brands, launched dozens of minutes and narrative style video advertising.

this is full of as long as 998 and an infected two of the video ads, easily won the favor of users, and the successful implementation of brand building.

second, plot advertising

Mini drama absolutely did not expect to rely on clever advertising in the drama to focus on the model to tell us, as long as the story of clever advertising, users will also become a favorite drama.

long before, after "love apartment" and other self-made drama network burst red and successfully implanted advertising video, advertising has become the story of manufacturers coveted a major marketing mode, Enron believe that maybe one day no advertising life, but will not accustomed to humans.

so, the electricity supplier into video marketing, what might happen?

advertising plot acceptance probability of almost 100 percent, in the original pattern is added to the advertising favorite elements, the user experience will only rise.

story advertising is the integration of the two techniques require high, whether it is "never thought" or "love apartment", the success of its advertising has the same elements: first, funny

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