Local women discount network operators to promote the program


target user:

the first phase of the target users mainly for women and some men in Hangzhou.

2007 Hangzhou resident population reached 7 million 862 thousand, the current conservative estimate of about $800. China’s average Internet population ratio of =1.11/13, the proportion of Internet users in Hangzhou is higher than the national level, a conservative estimate of about 1/10, so Hangzhou Internet population of about 800 thousand.

our target users, accounting for about 50% of the total Internet population, that is, the real number of more than 400 thousand, or more than 400 thousand.

promotion general idea:


site on the front line, using the QQ group first accumulated a small love discount shopping, love of female users, these users also spread the first batch of users, and these users love petty character improves active participation rate. Then the use of an explosive activity, the rapid expansion of the user base (just like intime activities, on-line 3 days, registered users break million), activities to retain some users, there will be a fixed large traffic. And then through the SEO, EDM, the line of small activities, word of mouth marketing and other means to complete the operational objectives of the C end level.

on explosive activity:

site operations, it is difficult in the early stages of explosive growth, so we must use activities, a successful event has the opportunity to be a new product to the market. At present, the chips in the LV, Gucci and other luxury free get the event, plans to cooperate with the impression of the city, in the case of low cost and cost control, the explosive growth of the site. This event also requires market contacts and detailed planning.

a discount information community promotion.

brief description:

needs to bring together a discounted information every Friday, including the discount information on Saturday in Hangzhou’s major shopping malls on Sunday.

expected target:

will operate as a leader in the formation of discount information, the establishment of QQ group, the accumulation of the first batch of loyal users of the site, after the line activities, such as buying activities to lay the foundation, while driving the development of the site traffic.


1, the text (or picture) to the 19 floor of the "shopping class" plate, watercress group, corresponding major fashion women’s forum, Hangzhou local forum.

add "first time to focus on the exclusive discount shopping information, please join QQ group: XXXXX" and "source: shopping network: http://s.www.***.com.com". The meaning of the content, with the web site links are generally not removed, prepare thematic map is to deal with". Pictures can be site address, QQ group and other information in a prominent position >

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