An article to let you know the network marketing you accept

day someone bragging, said network promotion how important can not weigh yourself, even if your site a day only 50 IP, the 50 IP you are marketing is not good, what is your ability to control tens of thousands of IP? Do you expect your site all day on IP and PV to have what mean? 50 IP a day without a transaction orders, give you 50 thousand IP a day you can achieve several orders? If you can not guarantee how much do a list, as the 50 sense of marketing, and really have the strength to do it after tens of thousands of IP.


what do you know about marketing,


marketing is really the customer to give you money, you give customers the goods, even if successful marketing? I tell you, this is the failure of marketing, the marketing if you have technical content? Just open a store will do, if it can be said that marketing, Internet marketing today is not so much a great company, look at the following niubable marketing case, you will understand what is marketing.

case a

mining technology which strong?

China Shandong looking for Lan Xiang!

you don’t feel like I was with this thing in that matter, you have to make sure you know this sentence, I want to ask, why not find Lan Xiang Beida New Oriental? Is very simple, because you are Lan Xiang marketing, and not by the Beida Jade Bird in New Oriental marketing, so you said Lan Xiang


from the top of the advertisement, we get two points, first of all we have identified, not only the transaction is marketing, because you know this sentence there are 99% people in Lan Xiang did not read the book, but Lan Xiang promotion, you can help Lan Xiang in the promotion, it is not by Lan Xiang marketing


if you don’t believe you are Lan Xiang marketing, for example: if one day someone ask you, want to learn mining, when you ask what a good school, you can answer only Lan Xiang, people will only remember the first, very few people will remember the second


case two

The number of registered

millet forum, I don’t know the number of active users, but we know it is a lot of, why do millet forum? There are more than 80% after the purchase of millet mobile phone was mixed with the forum, it is on the forum 20% millet to sell millet mobile phone? Certainly not ah, the real purpose of millet forum or don’t want to do and short-lived business users.

theory is short-lived business mobile phone to sell goods to the thing, there is no need to continue to communicate all day and the buyer, unless there is a problem to find a mobile phone seller repair, but generally buy a mobile phone can be used for more than one year? But the mobile phone warranty for one year time, that is to say later the goods arrived, basically do not need with mobile phone operators have extra contact. This is what we say

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