Carving ye analysis of the nternet thinking this is not just marketing

Internet thinking is a false proposition? After touted on the Internet a word, often appear similar to the "rational thinking". And recently, there are many comments on the Internet thinking skeptical. The typical Internet thinking – the boss carved God carved sirloin wrote, thinking the Internet is not a false proposition, we have no more time to understand and use.


must first understand, what is not the Internet thinking". Although the Internet thinking this thing, like a basket, what can be installed inside, but we must be careful, if some way of thinking and operating practices, operating skills, in the Internet era coming round before it had, it would certainly not be attributed to the Internet thinking".

for example, the so-called "hunger marketing" is certainly not, because this kind of marketing skills as early as one hundred years ago appeared today in the Internet as a platform for the sale of the re emergence, still cannot be classified as "Internet thinking". And today, we intend to define the Internet thinking, at least must not have appeared in the history of mankind before……

Internet has changed the product and marketing path

All of

‘s brand marketing, after all have passed the "information transmission" to allow customers to do the brand cognition, and today’s Internet and mobile Internet, the subversion of the most fundamental, first appeared in the "communication" in brand communication history, nothing more than two categories: paid and free communication the former is communication, TV commercials, magazine ads, newspaper ads, radio ads…… Any fee you can think of the media, can be attributed to pay communication; in the latter, another name for having heard it many times called "word of mouth", as long as your product, good service, so customers will help you spread the word.

traditional pay communication level, we can boil down to the three characteristics of "vague, expensive, inefficient" – the so-called "fuzzy" refers to the audience of the crowd fuzzy, completely inaccurate. For example, as a man, from small to large, I saw a number of times the sanitary napkin ads, or did not automatically come to aunt……

if every man can clearly know the daily use of sanitary napkins, night use, wing protection, ultra-thin, side leakage, a large amount of days, and so puzzling words, you know what is "expensive". So even if the TV ads, the cost per thousand people sounds low, but in fact, because it is not accurate enough to apportion the target audience advertising costs, is still very expensive.

there is inefficient, traditional advertising by all means to let the target customers believe myself, but customers cheated for a long time, is skeptical. I heard the twenty year shampoo can make you like the TV Lin Chiling as a hair, but actually twenty years? Then listen to your teeth used Colgate can put your dog flash over, but actually? So in the end the traditional advertising, the issue of trust has become the core of inefficient.


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