Don’t rush to App what is your startup’s AP

I recently chatted with one of Techstars’s founders and suddenly asked her, "what’s your API?"

that sounds a bit strange, but it’s not.

every startup and company has an interface to the world. Some of the interface is super simple, such as Google – you can do only search; some of the more complex, such as in the Amazon above to buy things – you can browse, search, add to the shopping basket, request a refund, etc..

even if you’re not an engineer or product manager, it’s important to think about what your company is providing the world with API. Thinking about your company as a API helps clarify what you do and why you do it.

API mind forcing you to clear and minimalist thinking.

what is API?

API is the application program interface (Application Programming Interface). You can think of API as an interface or a contract, a software component, a web service, or an enterprise to interact with the world through it.

or in other words, API is a protocol for a software component, a web service or a company to communicate, send requests and receive responses.

for example, suppose that there is a simple check box on the web page. Then this check box allows you to select or uncheck the check box.

/check – causes the check box to select

/uncheck – causes the check box to uncheck

and for example, we want to load 10 servers from the Digital Ocean web service cloud, then its API may be like this:

/launchServers? – start running 10 servers in the cloud


in the back of this example, launchServers this command allows the user to specify the number of servers to load. For flexibility and reusability considerations, most services are allowed to perform such customization or parameterization. Obviously, it is meaningless to load 10 servers and to use different commands for each of the 20 servers.

what is the business API?

When you think about your business

, API should think about what is the key concept of your business, what are the commands associated with it. Think about what your business users can do? Here are some simple examples of business API, you should not be unfamiliar: Term=techstars<>

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