The upgrading of consumption marketing consulting industry ushered in the era of big capital wrestl

media reports, in July 29th, the National SME share transfer system in the announcement, the domestic well-known marketing consulting firm, Shanghai Yung Chi marketing planning Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Rong Chi shares) of the listing application is approved, and the successful listing on the same day, stock code 837948.

in the capital market gradually pick up the moment, Yung Chi shares listed at this time, can be said to catch a good time. But the significance of this event is not limited to this, but the entire digital marketing industry has a certain inspiration.

domestic market consumption upgrade will drive marketing change

Yung Chi marketing was founded in 2011, is a company that is the rapid growth of the integration of marketing and service providers. Its business mainly for beauty, fashion, FMCG industry, including service in Estee Lauder group, Procter & Gamble, Korea almoli group, the Mars group Royal pet food and other international well-known enterprises or brand.

in the past 5 years, Rong Zhi help many well-known international brands and local brands successfully completed a series of integrated online and offline marketing. For example, the 14 to 16 years for three consecutive years for La Mer (La Mer) to create a "World Ocean Day" project, to environmental protection as a starting point, leading to the artist, star, with immersive experience, combined with the spread of online marketing case, successfully helped La Mer (La Mer) for such a high-end crowd the brand has got more extensive cognitive.

is precisely because of its professional services, to be able to successfully penetrate into the marketing decision-making system of cooperative customers, and customers have a strong business stickiness, thus establishing a strong core competitiveness. Today, Yung Chi business scale has two consecutive years to maintain a growth rate of over 100%, more than three years of stable core customer cooperation. Under this good situation, Yung Chi marketing why choose to enter the capital market at

?According to iResearch

analysis predicts that by 2017 China’s digital marketing market size will reach 286 billion 200 million yuan. The high growth rate of digital marketing market, as well as the full industry space, has attracted more and more attention, which also led to the increasingly fierce competition in the industry as a whole.

in order to maintain their own advantages, wisdom will Rong actively deploying new business model in the basis of existing business, so you need to get the support of the capital market, in order to be able to quickly integrate market resources in the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, and to complete a place in industry revolution, in order to get the lead.

industry change, Yung Chi shares is how to deal with the


many people in the industry view, although the current liquidity of the three new board is insufficient, but on the whole, is still a multi-level capital market system in China has a real investment value of the market. With the continuous improvement of the future system, the new three board market liquidity will continue to increase. As a rapid development of marketing consulting firm, the first choice to enter the capital market is the new three board, its >

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