Ganji com throwing 400 million out of donkey marketing is to win is lost

recently, executives suddenly resigned, although Ganji CEO Yang Haoyong said this and some time ago touted "donkey advertising" has nothing to do, but "the market", "donkey" two website advertising was sparked heated debate society.

"$400 million wedding dress

is coincidence or hype?

if you look at the recent TV is not difficult to find, Chen Yao took a donkey for advertising has covered almost all the public media, subway, bus on TV every time it will play back the video. Such a large range of publicity will naturally allow people to into propaganda cost curiosity. It is understood that Ganji has received a $50 million -6000 million dollars in financing in December last year, the financing for a wide range of subsequent market promotion, including landing CCTV and subway, bus screen and other powerful media, the cost according to the latest news reached 400 million yuan.

Chen Yao may be holding the donkey image too in color, consumers see the ads want to search the Internet, will search in the Baidu search engine called "a donkey nets" site, observe the two sites after it is not difficult to find, the similarity from the mark to page setting the details of the two sites very high.

According to the

people network official told reporters, February 13th saw the donkey was in the net catch director of micro-blog released the "donkey nets Baidu index increased" news, people network in February 14th February 15th registered "ganlvwang" domain name, website online, the registration fee of 200 yuan.

so the two events the popularity of the site was rising a lot, "added" 400 million yuan for "donkey" to do the wedding dress has become the focus of the news media attention. Seems to be a cottage products by genuine success.

e-commerce website

find new propaganda strategy?

had a period of time, the network for the discussion of the two sites events reached "state, raise a Babel of criticism of all people" are their opinions. But after a period of precipitation, people began to be more rational to face this matter, the occurrence of the benefits of the parties, people began to be more clearly recognized.

, a netizen said, from the point of view of, unable to recover in the flowers out of the advertisement case, while events left before the public eye to expand their influence, reduce losses, became the most reasonable solution. So the major portals have appeared Ganji "soft Wen", people began to talk about

net is a big winner, spend a little money registered a donkey nets domain name, after Baidu advertising, borrow wind makes people network brand greatly under almost zero cost. Overall, however, the two sides have a high degree of social concern.


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