Reflections on the network marketing of Christmas

09 years of Christmas Eve party, a friend said to me today’s telephone exchange to help his studio to do a plan, I promised


friends do is "heaven two" beautiful heaven two version, I used to play with a few months of the occupation game player, playing every day with a foreigner, did not make any money, but English has been improved, when several people often use TS studio English with foreigners not nice union group quarrel. Think about the time.

I simply wanted to plan, Christmas has come out of the Internet is too much, the Internet also many, the general game promotion goals are male game player but through event marketing, to operate only through the game player on the goal of the game forum often concentrated places to publish planning good, but how to attract the male eye and mouse game player


my design is:

one, determine the ultimate goal of promotion: to promote the name of the game studio and friends of the site to attract new members. (make a Christmas promotion page)

two, the content of ideas: to the theme of the game, my method operation is that all the people of his coalition called up in the game, the more people the better, all in full to the game’s biggest transfer area (area of the largest flow of people), beside the transfer area with a few a big Christmas tree (to be willing to try to put some coins, tree dress nicely), all good species, and the human body in the game all the gap up, so people want to send back to the city were blocked, then with the passage of time, more people and to the Bay and if we can control the time when the number on the screen to reach the number of my plan, put all of the game screen different perspective screenshot. (up to nearly five thousand people were blocked, of course, can not be too long, otherwise it will be found by managers)

three, soft writing: write a more attractive title, like "us < heaven two; > Christmas Eve, millions celebrate Christmas Eve" Christmas "game player" and so on the crowning calamity brought?.

four, released to the professional game websites, forums, exchange of experience in packaging good, strict layout were released, and Dora some own trumpet to the top, with a split emotional guidance, for example with their false number with this post: we act together to put together. The transmission point of foreigners all blocked! To do the final course not to block a foreigner server, but in this process, more and more people will be involved, then with the post click rate, everyone in this process will imperceptibly know my friend’s studio, he learned in in the game of the league’s name, there will be more and more people because this is a post to join their alliance. As long as there is popularity, want to get greater results in the future planning, it is very easy.

now summarize: the so-called web >

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