Viral marketing series a what kind of content can make people crazy spread

the spread of computer viruses, are generally active, active infection, active replication, the initiative to distribute to the contact with the computer.

and information virality, is passive, need to drive visitors to spread, otherwise there is no way.

so, in the end is what kind of content, in order to cause users crazy forwarding, like the spread of the virus like it?

according to my individual to see a variety of cases, summed up the following can lead to a large number of dissemination of the scene.

one, can provoke some emotional content netizens

this is a variety of Internet users can arouse emotional content, excited, moved, anger, cry, and the emotion of the moment, when the mind can’t hold this sentiment, this sentiment will drive people to spread the contents of it out.

for example, in 2008 a fire "ban Wang Laoji incident, QQ space, QQ group, the forum, the SNS community, users were forwarded, is the successful use of the Internet users emotional excitement and emotion, which is orchestrated by the marketing company.

for example, a lot of radical views on micro-blog, is to stimulate the part of unknown truth and not the reason the anger of the mass. The emotions they forwarded to micro-blog, and added the words of support.

why provoke emotions can achieve the purpose of active communication?

because emotional need to vent, and the simplest way to vent the lowest cost, is: tell others.

I think everyone should have encountered such a scene: something is made me angry, I will put this anger to tell others, or feel uncomfortable; similarly, encountered a very touching things, will not suppress want to tell others.

two, very valuable content

value, means to give people help content, a wide range, can solve the problem of others, for others to provide reference, see can learn something, even a funny music, the content, the communicator is concerned, will not have a negative impact, his circle of friends also need it.

For example,

, QQ space of various driving test package had 46 skills, vocabulary and so on, for some people, are very valuable, so they are willing to forward, the key point is: this content can spread is not bad street, must contain some rarely used, even a lifetime no, it is relatively new.

for example, there are many advertisements in order to achieve the automatic transmission effect, make very spoof, such as "seven" funny funny ads "shoes advertising (and raced)" and so on, its value is to a funny music, and funny stuff, a lot of people come to spread, few people care about is not advertising.


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