nternational Big Valentine’s day marketing attitude thousands can not escape 7 routines

for Valentine’s day all kinds of business activities, there is such a word: love without reason, also need to do so for Valentine’s day marketing? Yes, in this day to burn a lot of consumers, companies around the world are. Valentine’s day, Valentine’s day for products, limited special Valentine’s day exclusive packaging, Valentine’s day, Valentine’s Day special video mail greeting…… They seem to be crazy to you with the "Valentine’s Day gift is not outrageous" consciousness.

according to the National Retail Federation survey previously released by NRF, the United States is expected this year’s Valentine’s day total consumption will reach $18 billion 200 million (about 125 billion yuan), spend an average of $136.57 (about 940 yuan). In the survey of 7591 respondents, Valentine’s Day gifts in addition to their spouses, including family, friends, children’s teachers and students, and even pets. Nearly half of consumers choose to buy candy, 35% of consumers choose to buy flowers, the 19% choice to buy jewelry.

of course, the choice of Valentine’s Day is much more than that. In addition to candy, flowers, jewelry, cosmetics, apparel, accessories, fragrance, Home Furnishing, and even travel, are popular options for Valentine’s day gift. This also allows businesses to have more marketing imagination. Valentine’s day this year, in the domestic market, you can see the usual Durex and Okamoto’s "mutual dislike", roseonly and fauvism fancy competition as well as the major electricity supplier website rub heat promotional activities, and international brands are the Valentine’s day marketing is a riot of colours.

Burberry, Cartier, Tiffany, Versace, YSL, Givenchy, Lancome, CLARINS, Jo Malone, New Balance, uniqlo…… All kinds of big names are on Valentine’s Day special program".

play a: flash with a romantic French style

Cartier (Cartire) to "Be Cartier ‘s Valentine" for the Valentine’s day marketing theme, in the streets of Hongkong to send Valentine’s day surprise. A team of redcoated bell boys suddenly appeared, a band live improvisation, full of French style romantic songs, dance performers while jumping, while the introduction of full Cartier gift box cart. Such a romantic atmosphere for people who have had to buy buy buy desire.



According to

billion state power network to understand, from February 13th to February 14th, Cartier Valentine’s Day Dance flash every day were staged at the Hongkong Pacific square, central square and round square. While born in the 1969 classic Cartire LOVE Series in this Valentine’s Day launched a new member of the rose gold bracelet, the new first landing Cartire WeChat

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