Daily topics 9158 parent company listed in the bud show anti porn mode authorized in Hong Kong

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network news July 11th, Columba interactive has 9158, Sina’s Show video brand finally listed in Hong Kong.

is the earliest Columba interactive imitation of South Korea’s "ten house video chat mode, was founded in 2005, is the first to create a virtual performance through the Internet platform, beautiful anchor who can sing in the show, performances, attract users attention, to profit through the sale of flowers and other props network. Later, also added to the grassroots video social characteristics of the national Cara OK model, the user video chat room to sing, dance, stocks, education and other activities, and props consumption. In addition, the 9158 business also includes education and gaming business.

founder Fu Zhengjun entitled "to every man" Columba’s internal e-mail said: it is from the first day to prevent pornography so it went today, now that our regulatory system has done the whole platform hassle any inappropriate content will be quickly processed in a few minutes.

as early as the beginning of creation, Columba’s intention is to create a happy, pure, healthy entertainment environment for users, especially from 2008 onwards, community ecology platform upgrade, when the anchor currency is no longer equivalent to RMB, we produce a universal style KTV entertainment network mode. Many people take turns singing, talking about the topic, dancing in the gym, showing themselves to gain recognition. Now Columba, not only become a 90 entrepreneurial platform, after 70, 80 entertainment platform, is also the largest homes of music lovers Chinese. Our mission is to make the world people smiling, no matter how many questioned outside the presence of Columba, the listing is one of our best proof.

prospectus shows that 9158 of the parent company’s revenue comes mainly from the video community value-added revenue (virtual goods sales), mobile phones and Internet users as well as revenue from advertising services. 2013 revenue of $548 million 200 thousand, of which 95% from the video community, mobile phones and online games revenue is currently less than less than $1%, other income, including advertising services revenue accounted for more than 3.1%. Analysys think tank analyst Pang Yiming said that the 9158 can be consistently profitable and successful listing, mainly because users demand video community, this market will be a great development. Similar to the 9158 business model YY, the six rooms can also achieve sustained profitability.

perhaps, as Fu Zhengjun said, for Columba, the market is just the beginning, as long as we adhere to the above-mentioned three hearts, all the effort and struggle will get more rewards. I believe that with our joint efforts, the near future, Columba will be able to become an Internet companies worth billions of dollars!

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