Jiang Likun three cases of database marketing

more than a month ago wrote an article entitled "shop and the store should attach importance to database marketing", mainly to introduce and share how to implement the database marketing. After the article, a lot of friends think this method is only suitable for large companies, once the implementation of small companies, such as shop, I do not know how to implement the. In fact, database marketing of big, small is also a small magical. For small units such as online shopping is very simple to implement. Today, and we say that the three database marketing case, from a different point of view to explain the application of database marketing, we want to help.

an example of selling game currency

first a case of my own. 04 years, I have done the game currency business, is the legendary online games business. I was part of the middleman, left from the hands of the studio coin receipt, right hand and then sold to the game player. The shift is Sina agent called a "heaven 2" game. Not modest to say that I should have in this game is the most famous businessman, playing the game, especially with the game, most of all I know. And from income, I should also be one of the most people in the industry to earn. At that time I can earn up to 2000 yuan a day, pay attention to, said the net profit. Behind this result, database marketing to help a lot of busy.


said, the first step is to collect customer information database marketing. The best way to collect customer information is to communicate with customers. While many people online selling things, is sold out or leave it, do not take the initiative to contact with customers, at most is new after hair advertising, which is not desirable. I have a habit of selling things online, just like to chat with customers. For example, selling coins, each coin to buy one, I will have a chat with him, understand each other in the city, age, what to do, how many years of work to play online games, play to what stage in the game, the monthly expenditure in the game, the past is how consumption the side, how many friends to play together, the influence to other game player. When the data is mastered, the user is started to be classified, and then targeted maintenance. General customers can be divided into four types:

1, the customer is not yet purchased

many customers do not buy at once, may just inquiry. Many sellers for such customers is to give up, this is wrong.. Because too many scammers on the network, customers do not trust the first time, look at the normal. For such a seller, first of all, according to the data analysis of how the purchasing power, followed by a look at whether it will often buy. And even if their purchasing power is not, but he may have a lot of strong side buyers. If you find that the user has one of them, you can not easily give up. At this time you need to communicate with customers often chat, first and customers become friends. When you become a friend, the next time you will be spending.

2, key maintenance of large customers.

for regular purchase of game currency, special

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