Liu Yu handwritten Wuhan nternet five what is a good project

      since the Wuhan Internet gathering every week, the question is the question of what is good.

      this question is hard to answer. The Internet project is indeed very much, we often see a successful Internet webmaster appeared in the media, I certainly can not refer to a project is a good project, because: first, I think it is not good for the project, others is a good project, good project second, good ideas are not everywhere in the open third, suitable for their own projects, it may be a good project.

      however, there are still some criteria for good projects on the Internet:

      1, profit model is simple
      2, the user group base size
      3, the user’s willingness to pay is strongly
      4, the transaction is convenient
      5, for the user the solution can save time, cost or difficult to solve practical problems such as
      6, based on the above 5 points, positioning the project site is clear
      7, interest is the best teacher, the probability of their interest in the success of the project more

      ask the following questions:

      1, who do you serve?
      2, what services?
      3, how to provide services?
      4, where is the user?
      5, how many users?
      6, how to find the user?
      7, how to ask the user for money?
      8, the user how to pay?

      these problems can clearly answer the project, I think it is a good project, of course, a good project is not confined to some rules above, many websites first profit model is not clear, as early as QQ, won the users of all ages, persist for N years to become domestic users most of the Internet Co, is also the most successful.

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